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Academies of Galaxy 1

In Galaxy 1, the former Reortian Empire Academies maintained their reciprocal relationships and use of their respective facilities by each other's alma mater. As would be expected for two (formerly) rich agricultural worlds with similar political systems, sentient species, technology levels, and separated by only 4 light years, the Lave and Reortian Academies enjoyed an ancient academic rivalry.

After the disintegration of the Reortian Empire during the idiotic rule of Supreme Emperor Geou Dibea', Reorte fell into economic decline and a large influx of human colonials displaced the indigenous black felines in this part of the galaxy - notably on Lave. To compound matters further, the newly formed Galactic Cooperative selected Lave over Reorte as the premier site for its flight training school.

  • The Reorte Academy still attracts 'old credit' family's offspring and the legendary initiation ceremonies for new students still continue. The Academy is embedded in a long-lost world of crumbling imperial architecture, that is popular with tourists. But Reorte continues to sink, both status and geology -wise, with some rather unstable neighbouring worlds no longer supported by Reorte's former wealth.
  • During the last few decades the Lave Academy has become a strong meritrocracy, accepting only students whom they regard as having the potential to reach Elite combat status during their subsequent career - irrespective of background. Lave is in fact the oldest Academy in Galaxy 1 and third-oldest in the 8 galaxies. Its sister, or more precisely daughter, academy at Anlere is widely recognized as focusing more on advancing virtual combat simulation.
  • Elsewhere in Galaxy 1, the encouraged use of Maareilweed at Edinso over recent decades to improve flight response times and cognitive thinking has been frowned upon by the old schools, but none-the-less has raised the Edinso Academy combat and trading scores significantly. Although sadly their graduates have considerably shortened life-spans as a result of the weed.
  • Atage, Razaar and Tiquat specialize in non-humanoid species training for space flight. Limited space here prevents an exposition on the extraordinary capabilities of some species in the field of space flight. Needless to say, the space-craft equipment and training methodologies need to be highly customized for each non-humanoid species. Technology spin-offs from nearby Tiquat were a strong stimulus on the development of the Anlere Academy's progressive curriculum.
  • The academy at Ritila is unfortunately strongly influenced by the alternative pursuits available and is more of a party-town than a serious academic place of study. After graduation the most attractive students secure lucrative jobs in corporate relations. The others put their qualifications in media studies and 'spacing' to good use maintaining billboards in the space lanes.

Together with Edinso, Lave and Anlere are usually rated at the top of the (rather disparagingly named) 'Maareilweed Empire' Academies of Galaxy 1.