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Wildefire Equipment Bay Shields (WEBS) System


The Wildefire Systems Type X-2 EBS (Equipment Bay Shields) System is available at any planet or station of technical level 6, for 250₢. If your ship is threatened, bio-regenerative, nano-technological, rapidly-deployable, ablative shields (bags of heat absorbant goop) automatically fill your equipment bay in one second.

It's "your last line of defence", for when your shields are gone, and those "x damaged" messages start to scroll up the screen; you know you've got to bail out, but before you can react, the dreaded "Escape Pod damaged" message appears...

Say you've got 20 items of valuable equipment in your equipment bay, now you'll have 20 items of valuable equipment plus 100 ablative shields - the theory being that when damage occurs there is a 5/6 chance that one of the ablative shields will take the heat, rather than something useful.

If you go to the F5 screen during a combat alert you'll see the 100 goop-filled bags deploy. (Personal aside: has anyone else here ever been in a car when the air-bags deployed? Not pleasant at all, but better than getting a mouthful of steering wheel.)

These shields get returned to a deployable state if you've survived and exited combat, they're "bio-regenerative" - which I imagine means they use some fast-growing yeast, or somethin'. Did I not mention they were based on Beer Cooler technology? :D

The system stops working if the controller module gets damaged, but as long as that doesn't happen, those bags of yeast just keep on giving.

Download & Installation

This is not one of the in-game Expansions Manager's OXZ's.

Instead, download the OXP from Diziet Sma's Box acccount here. Expand it. Then place the WEBS System OXP into your "AddOns" folder. If you cannot find it, see OXP.

Australian Beer Cooler technology

Change log

  • 1.1 (November 25th, 2012) Individual shield components no longer repaired by Thargoid's repair bots.
  • 1.0 Re-created July 17th, 2012. Thanks to forum member "SandJ" for reminding me about this old experiment.
I made this for Dragonfire last year, when he was nagging everyone else to contribute bits to "his" uber ship OXP. Then he was rude to me, so I never gave it to him. I accidentally deleted it back in January, then forgot that I had done so. In a discussion with SandJ last month about Beer Cooler he said he had had the same idea, and I said I'd already done it. So I went searching my HDD for it to send to him. After a day of poking about in dusty corners of my HDD I eventually remembered it had been deleted and no amount of searching would find it. Last night I re-created it for something to do.
... I lost all my login data in the great Win7 melt-down of 2014...
Such a little OXP, so much history.


There is none. But Wildeblood made this freely available, and did not quibble when his fellow Australian Diziet Sma republished it after his Win7 melted down!


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Gives you a little extra time to activate your Escape Pod before you explode! Or to marmalize the McNasties into manglewurzles before they wreck all your equipment.