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=== Download ===
=== Download ===
[http://www.box.net/shared/nolo3vv2to BGS-A1.1.zip] (9.2MB) Updated 2010-09-04.
Full version<br>
[http://www.box.net/shared/nolo3vv2to BGS-A1.1.zip] (9.2MB) Updated 2010-09-04.<br>
Single versions:<br>
[http://www.box.net/shared/jthkxbd2ps BGS-C1.1.zip] (1.8MB) Updated 2010-09-04.<br>
[http://www.box.net/shared/qyto8r5dip BGS-I1.1.zip] (3.9MB) Updated 2010-09-04.<br>
[http://www.box.net/shared/qmgevlsjgm BGS-M1.1.zip] (3.5MB) Updated 2010-09-04.
Updates for v1.0 (already included in v1.1):<br>
Updates for v1.0 (already included in v1.1):<br>

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Download Link See Download
Version 1.0
History 2010-07-15
Stations No
Ships No
Missions No
Equipment No
Alternative HUD
Sound Set
Category Feature OXPs
Author Pagroove &


Backgroundset (or short BGS) is a framework for images, sounds and music and takes advantage of the shiny new features in Oolite 1.74 (and higher). It is meant as a starting point and ships already a basic set - though this set is actually 3 oxps to do different jobs.

We will release these packs as separate oxps and a all-inclusive pack that combines them, so players can pick the one (or two or three) they like to use. And other packs are currenty prepared as alternative sound packs.

Oolite will never be the same. It feels like a whole new game.

It also works perfectly together with OXPs like Frames Random Docking Music, Captain Berf's speech pack or Hyperradio and is compatible to OXPConfig2. Additionally it grabs entries from shipdata.plist. This way player-ships can have unique soundsets and stations can have specific ambient music.

The packs:

  • BGS-A is the all-inclusive version to get a consistent pack. It includes BGS-C, BGS-I and BGS-M.

The following will be released soon.

  • BGS-C is a modified version of Aegidians customsounds.oxp, based on Oolites customsounds.plist.
  • BGS-I is a set of background images, based on Oolites screenbackgrounds.plist.
  • BGS-M is a script that controls ambient music and ambient sounds plus a few special sound effects.


  • Plays sounds and music when docked.
  • Custom engine sounds. Now you can make your ship oxp unique by providing it with its own engine sound.
  • Custom station music. We provided you with 2 tunes on the go but you can make your own
  • Custom sounds inflight (included is an easy to use customsounds.plist) to allocate your own sounds
  • Images for Intro, LoadSave, Options, Equipment, Shipyard, Status, Manifest, Charts, SystemData, Market and Contracts screen.
  • Useable for other oxps to define own engine sounds or music.
  • Configurable (by editing or OXPConfig2).
  • Pagroove has created a nice demo video -> YouTube.


OXPConfig compatible.png

BGS-M (the music/FX script) can be adjusted via the following properties...

this.logging Boolean Internal logging
this.audio Boolean Music when docked
this.extraA Boolean Ambient sounds
this.extraB Boolean FX
  • To define specific engine sounds for a player-ship it needs a key in shipdata.plist:
 script_info = {"engine" = "myengine.ogg"; "engineUp" = "myengineUp.ogg"; "engineDown" = "myengineDown.ogg";};
  • To define muisc for a specific station it needs a key in shipdata.plist:
 script_info = {"music" = "mymusic.ogg";};
  • Additionally it is possible to disable it (if oxps needs silence):
 worldScripts["BGS-M"].externalOff = true;

Further tweaks are possible:

  • If you want to disable a specific ambient/FX sound (e.g when docked), simply rename the start condition in the sound pool.
  • If you want to disable a specific customsounds sound set the key to "" in customsounds.plist.

That's it .-)


  • Latest version needs Oolite v1.74
  • No dependencies



Full version
BGS-A1.1.zip (9.2MB) Updated 2010-09-04.
Single versions:
BGS-C1.1.zip (1.8MB) Updated 2010-09-04.
BGS-I1.1.zip (3.9MB) Updated 2010-09-04.
BGS-M1.1.zip (3.5MB) Updated 2010-09-04.

Updates for v1.0 (already included in v1.1):
BGS Soundpatch.zip (376KB) 2010-08-14 - contains missing energy bomb sound and fixes digital clipping.
BGS Scriptupdate (2.4KB) 2010-09-04 - Scriptupdate to v1.1.

Alternative Soundset:
BGS-PAGsoundsetv2.zip (6.9MB)