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This tool gives you the ability to configure several OXPs. It changes settings to enable (or disable) logging or audio functions and special settings to recognize errors or to avoid clashes or to adjust numbers of planets/moons, etc. OXPs can use it in a lot of ways and in most cases it only needs a few additional lines of code.

OXPConfig runs without the debug-console and is primarily meant for non-scripters (and lazy scripters), but if you really need debug-options it is highly recommended to install the Basic-debug.oxp (written by Ahruman) and if necessary the console (written by Ahruman and ported to Windows by Kaks).


  • Dock at a station,
  • open the Options Menu (F2),
  • then step to the Game Options (where you can change Oolites options),
  • wait till you get a message that OXPConfig is activated,
  • and step directly to the SYSTEM DATA SCREEN (F7).
  • Modify settings and step to the main menue.

The changes have been applied to the OXPs, but nothing is stored yet. To do it:

  • Choose 'Store configuration'.
  • Then exit OXPConfig and save the game as usual. If these two steps are skipped the changes are temporary.


  • Loading, storing and resetting to defaults of configurations.
  • 4 booleans.
  • 4 short unsigned integers (0xff).
  • 1 unsigned 24Bit integer (0xffffff) that is used as bitmask e.g. to en/disable appearance of entities.
  • Minimum version checks.
  • Early calls of OXPs startUp function if flag is set.
  • Early settings if OXPConfig has collected the data and flag is set.
  • Notification for OXPs about changed settings if flag is set. Calls oxpcNotifyOnChange().
  • User Definable Colors - for supporting OXPs.
  • Dump declared sounds - logs them to Latest.log.
  • Dump missionVariables - logs them to Latest.log.
  • Dump worldScript properties - logs them to Latest.log.



For Oolite v1.76.1:

More infos are available in the OXPConfig Documentation.

Quick Facts

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