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About ADCK

ADCK, also known as Michael Francis, Ancient Dwarven Chaos Knight, ADCKnight, Mic, Franno, Miguel Sanchez, ADCK's Grand Traveling Show and Magnificent Display of Marvels and Wonders, Triumph the Puppet Dog, BeardMan, and Many More.

Many years ago I was playing a rogue-like game called A*D*O*M* ADOM is similar to DnD where you have hack n slash fighters and spellcasters and what-not... Anyway, while deep in the Caverns of Chaos (or was it the Infinite Dungeons, I forget) I came across a powerful creature that one shot my considerably powerful necromancer, this creatures name was "Chaos Knight" So my second character, a warrior type, also goes deep into the Caverns of Chaos (BTW, i'm on a second character because once you die in ADOM, there's no comming back, death is permanent) where I come across a Dwarven town, seeking a quest there I find a character called "Ancient Dwarf" but instead of talking to him I accidentally press the attack key, and he one shots me. So, I think to my self, these Ancient Dwarves and Chaos Knights are really overpowered, I wonder what would happen if there was ever an Ancient Dwarven Chaos Knight...

Classic Elite experience

NES Elite

I started playing Elite at home soon after it was released in 1991 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I was only 9 years old at the time, so can not recall much about it other than I spent 100's of hours playing it. Later I would go on to play Frontier and it's sequel, but not really like them.

Am currently working on my OXP's for Oolite.

My OXP's

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ADCK's Behemoths ADCK's Behemoths
ADCK's Bulk Haulers Bulk Haulers
ADCK's Eagles ADCK's Eagles
Shaderfied Sungs Textures Shady Sungs
Solid Gold Cobra Mk.3 Solid Gold Cobra Mk.3
Imperial Trader Imperial Trader (Oolite)

Index of OXP's

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Oolite Ships
Ship Lists AlphabeticallyBase CostCargo Capacity
Max Speed (0.0 LM to 0.36 LM) / (Over 0.36 LM) • Size (under 200k CM) / (over 200k CM)
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My Under Construction Label


Isn't it pretty?

stencil for future buttons

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