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ADCK's Bulk Haulers OXP
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Version 1.4
History N/A
Stations N/A
Ships Ships
Missions None
Equipment None
Alternative HUD
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Category Ships OXPs
Author ADCK


Caramelwtf.jpg Lrcnhauler.jpg Bhretex.jpg


  • Concept and Idea: ADCK,
  • New textures and models: ADCK,
  • Super Bulk Hauler inspired by the original BH01 by Aegidian,
  • Long Range Cruiser & Lynx Bulk Hauler inspired by their FE2/FFE counterparts by Frontier Development,
  • Super Bulk Hauler reskin: PAGroove,
  • BH01 & its subentities models: Aegidian,
  • Shader files: Griff & From neolites by Simon B,
  • Billboard Suggestions: Griff.

(Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)


Adds Bulk Haulers to the game, including:

  • Retextured version of Aegidians Bulk Hauler as seen in the Oolite video on YouTube, which until recently has not been available to the public. 4 of which have nameplates.
  • Original Texture version of Aegidians Bulk Hauler with shaders added.
  • 6 versions of the Super Bulk Hauler, a massive Cargo Ship inspired by Aegidians Bulk Hauler, one of which is retextured by PAGroove.
  • 4 versions of the Super Bulk Hauler with billboard attachment, two of which are animated.
  • Long Range Cruiser, based on the design of the FFE version.
  • 2 Versions of Lynx Bulk Carrier, based on the design of the FFE version.

(For a little surprise, try destroying the LBC. this ship has a unique "on-death" script)


Included with this OXP is the excellent Bigships.oxp from Thargoid and Eric Walch. Before using this ship install the Bigships.oxp
NOTE: The Big Ships on the Big Ships page is the same version number but a newer version than the one included in Bulk Haulers. Having installed Bulk Haulers, install Big Ships from the Big Ships page.


Before installation, be sure to delete any previous versions of adcks_bulk_haulers. Extract the adcks_bulk_haulers_v1.4.oxp into your Addons directory of Oolite. Just to be sure startup Oolite with the SHIFT-key pressed until you see the spinning CobraMKIII.

Law Stuff

This is a free-for-all resource. Public Domain Blah blah blah, really, you can do whatever you like with it.


Download Bulk Haulers v1.4 on Box.com

Ship List

Adck bh01 sm.png
Bulk Hauler
Adck lrc sm.png
Long Range Cruiser
Adck lbc sm.png
Lynx Bulk Carrier
Adck jorg sm.png
Super Bulk Hauler