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CommonSense 'Outside-the-Box' Design Studios Ltd. is happy to announce the latest design in software upgrades for use in all ranges of space vessels. SniperLock software allows for more accurate targetting by enabling longer dwell times on targets. This OXP authored by CommonSenseOTB Dec. 17, 2011.


SniperLock software acts as an intermediary between you and your ship. When you have a great shot lined up on your currently selected target, in either the forward view or the aft view, the software temporarily takes micro-control over the ships attitude thrusters to keep the ship lined up on target. The override lasts for a fraction of a second and provided the pilot continues to aim, the software can then re-lock again and again. The pilot may override the lock-on by simply pushing slightly on the pitch or yaw controls. The best way to use this software upgrade is not to think about it. Fly and aim normally and the system will automatically micro-correct any minor misalignment in your aim. Fire a laser burst at the beginning of each lock-on for most effective results. SniperLock software is not perfect and there may be a slight lag as the target is tracked. Sudden evasive movements and fuel injecting by the target may break the lock-on. Also, due to liability issues, the software will only initiate lock-on with targets over 5km distant to avoid the possibility of collisions. SniperLock software and control interface works with most other targetting systems and heads-up-displays. Any odd behaviour should be reported to the software arm of CommonSense 'Outside-the-Box' Design Studios Ltd., of which SniperLock is a wholly owned subsidiary.

When you want to keep the bad guys out of arms reach, get SniperLock. Legal in all 8 sectors.


For those with drifting joysticks, disabilities, unnaturally poor aim, and for other reasons, you now have the option of adjusting how accurate you have to aim to get a lock, how much force you have to apply to the controls to force an unlock, and how long the lock will last.

Equipment Details


  • Tech Level - 12.
  • Cost - 500 credits.
  • Required Equipment to operate - Scanner Targetting Enhancement.

OXP Requirements

  • Oolite version 1.75.3+ due to CTD frame callback issues in previous oolite versions.
  • Sniperlock software requires scanner targetting enhancement to be installed to operate.
  • Can be used with most heads-up-display systems.
  • Works in either Forward view or Aft view mode.
  • Compatible with target tracker.
  • No dependancies.

Download Information

SniperLockv1 by CommonSenseOTB. Try here to post comments or for more information.