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A general expansion to the Ooniverse, this OXP introduces a number of new cargo pod variations. Some are nice, some less so...

New Pods

  • Standard containers - some more descriptive variants on the standard 1t cargo pods.
  • Bulk container - larger capacity pod, featuring up to 10 tons of cargo, 100 kilos of metals (gold/platinum) or 200 grammes of gem-stones.
  • Missile pod - again exactly what it says, a missile that can be scooped and added to your arsenal (if you have a free pylon). Usually standard missiles, but sometimes ECM hardened ones for the lucky commander.
  • Fuel pod - similar in nature to the external fuel tank, a pod which can carry up to 3.0 ly of witchspace fuel for your thirsty tanks. Occasionally the fuel has been known to be contaminated, requiring a tank purge.
  • Piggybank pod - some poor soul's personal effects, including their life savings of up to 1000 credits.
  • Empty pod - exactly what it says, either an empty pod or one full of worthless content.
  • Trumble pod - pod containing everyone's favourite burger ingredient.
  • Retry pod - a little annoyance, a pod that doesn't quite scoop right. If all else fails, try try again...
  • Jam pod - no, not a pod full of jam, but when a pod tries to go through a fuel scoop sideways. Pod jams in the scoop, rendering it inoperable until a friendly tech can apply a pry-bar to it in dry-dock.
  • Exploding pod - pod explodes within the ships shields during scooping. Energy damage done to the ship, and fuel scoops destroyed.
  • Breach pod - pod explodes in hold, causing hull breach. Some cargo may be vented before breach can be repaired.

UPS Pods

These are now included within the main pods OXP (no additional add-on OXP is needed any more). If you have UPS installed, then some of the UPS pods should be from Pods.


This OXP requires at least test version 1.74 of Oolite.


Pods v1.35 can be downloaded from Box.com by clicking on the link.


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