Cargo Wreck Teaser OXP

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Some cargo pods from Cargo Wreck Teaser


Cargo Wreck Teaser
Author Arexack Heretic

Created by Arexack as part of an ongoing project to insert greater variety into the wonderfull Ooniverse.

Firstly, the OXP adds different types of cargo canisters. Some types of cargo are packed in wooden crates, some in metal pods, some in metallic pyramids, radioactives have a warning symbol painted on their canister and so on. Adds variety when you laser up an innocent trader to scoop his cargo!

The OXP also adds a small chance of scooping up a Fuel Pod from a vanquished enemy, topping up your tanks.

Secondly, the OXP adds more wreckage to the game. When a ship is destroyed, broken pieces of the ship may spin away and explode, making for more enjoyable kills!

Minimum requirement Oolite 1.74

Download Link

Download Cargo Wreck Teaser 1.7.2 Updated July 2013.

Version History

  • v 1.4: Added all legacy scripting with java script. Oolite 1.65 will still use the old scripting system while the newer Oolite versions will use the JS scripts.
  • v 1.5: Prepared for the new cargo awarding system in post 1.73 Oolite.
  • v 1.6: Added reflection maps for all barrels.
  • v 1.7.0: Removed old code and raised minimum Oolite to 1.74.
  • v 1.7.1: Fixed a string bug that only will give problems after Oolite 1.76.x
  • v 1.7.2: Fixed another string bug that only will give problems after Oolite 1.76.x

Installing and Playing

To play the OXP, unzip the download file. This will create a folder named "Cargo_Wreck_Teaser xxx". Open this folder and you will see a folder named "Cargo_Wreck_Teaser xxx.oxp" and a readme. Move the Cargo_Wreck_Teaser xxx.oxp folder to AddOns. As with all OXPs, its the folder ending .oxp that you need to put in Oolite's AddOns folder, otherwise Oolite will not read it.