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An OXP which allows the Commander to land on planets and moons (but not gas giants or suns, even at night), and to trade there. To achieve this, once your ship is suitably equipped just fly toward the body, although take care not to go too fast or else you risk burning up in the atmosphere of planets, and don't try and land before you've got landing permission from planetary control!

To land, your ship needs to be firstly equipped with heat shields and docking computers. Then at all reputable (and a few not so reputable) tech 9+ systems you can purchase planetary landing capabilities. These consist of some tweaks to your ship, plus all of the relevant permits, permissions and registrations with authorities to allow landing.

Once your ship is suitably equipped, landing is done by flying down towards the planet. Your systems will automatically make all the necessary requests, and once permission is granted then just fly down to the planet. You should be greeted by a nice view of flying in over the planetary terrain.

Planetary take-off is via a launch booster, with control being returned to the Commander once orbital insertion is achieved.


This OXP requires at least version 1.77 of Oolite.

To purchase the equipment, you also need to be equipped with Docking Computers and Heat Shield.


  • Black Monk Monastary - Adds Black Monk Monastaries to the planet surface locations, complete with offerings of loans. The full Black Monks OXP also needs to be installed.
  • HoOpy casino - Adds HoOpy casinos to the planet surface locations, complete with offerings of loans. The HoOpy casino OXP also needs to be installed.
  • Oo-Haul - Adds an Oo-Haul distribution centre to the main planet, and a mission to escort a hauler from it out to either the witchpoint or constore. No other OXPs are essential, although for the constore variant mission the YAH OXP needs to be installed. For full flavour the main Oo-Haul OXP should also be installed.
  • In-System Taxi can offer fares to and from planet and moon surfaces. This OXP by Spara supercedes Planetfall Taxi, which is now retired. People using that OXP should consider IST instead.
  • Feudal States - Ramirez's excellent OXP uses Planetfall to base missions from planets.


PlanetFall_1.51.oxz downloaded 10504 times.

PlanetFall_Markets_0.1.oxz needed to enable markets from Oolite 1.82, downloaded 4603 times.

Planetfall v1.51 can be downloaded from by clicking on the link.

Also available is the Russian translation of Planetfall by Catsam, Radcapricorn and Seventh.