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Gives NPCs highly customizable shields, with the default setting (as in CustomShields) being a 'fair' emulation of the player's shields.


- Fair shield recharge code (CustomShields didn't charge shields until energy banks were full)

- Attempting to provide better compatibility for other OXPs with shipTakingDamage overrides

- Thargoids get dorsal/ventral shields. Support for other very non-standard shield configurations was attempted but removed in version 0.7 to simplify the code.

- More customisable colours. The default multicolour set goes from green down to red for standard shields, extending to blue/purple with upgrades.

- New visual effects based on explosions.plist for shields and unshielded hits.


N-Shields on Oolite Bulletin Board

Use this thread for discussion, suggestions, bug reports etc.

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N-Shields 0.7 667 downloads

N-Shields 0.6.4 downloaded 108 times