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Virtual keyboard

Keyconfig is a small helper for creating your personal keymapping for Oolite 1.77+ (up to v1.88). It runs in a browser to be easily accessible.

Reading in or creating a new keymapping is absolutely easy.


  • Pre-defined keymappings (v1.77, v1.80, v1.82+, Alternative A, Alternative B, BBC and an empty mapping)
  • Layouts for US, French, German, Italian and Russian keyboards
  • Virtual keyboard with color schemata
  • Checks for duplicated keys
  • Read in of keymapping
  • Output of keymapping

Input and output relies on copy&paste, but this may change someday.

Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and SeaMonkey.

Additional Infos

Keyconfig icon.png