ETT Homing Beacon

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ETT Homing Beacon OXP
Name ETT Homing Beacon
TL Availability 10


Have trouble finding your way back to somewhere using only spacial coordinates?

Then the ETT range of homing beacon's and deployment devices is a most own.

From all planets tech level 10 and above.


Version 1.02 by Lone_Wolf: converted to OpenStep and Javascript, Hud icons added, flashers corrected
Version 1.0 by Twisted: initial release

To Do

- compass icons (the Hud icons become too small when used as compass icons)
- better/different models
- beacon from beacon launcher gives a beacon launcher or 25 kg Gold on scooping, beacon missile can be scooped but gives nothing. Change this ?
- NPCs scoop the beacon - look into ways to prevent this ?


This OXP requires Oolite v1.75 or higher.


Download version 1.02 from here (2011-04-04)

Download in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 8742 times).