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Manual Docking

New pilots are encouraged, once launched, to turn their ships around and practice docking at the Lave Space Station. This is a fundamental skill that must be acquired. After sufficient trading and purchasing of (higher priority) equipment (such as an E.C.M. system) one can purchase docking computers that will automate the process.

An example of manual approach and docking is available here. Study it well. (warning 7 Mbytes)

A similar video for Oolite can be found on Youtube.

The general method is to align with the center of the rotating entrance slot, paying due attention to any other ships approaching or leaving. Visually aim for a point in space a few hundred meters in front of the slit so that you approach the slot along the rotation axis of the station. Upon final approach commence matching your ship's rotation to the Space Station's. Enter the slot at a moderate speed and your craft's shields should be able to withstand any (minor) pilot error.