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Distant Suns is an OXP for Oolite 1.76 which aims to improve the game experience by increasing the variety of the stellar systems. In unmodified Oolite you soon notice that every star system looks much like every other - there is little, if any, variation of the stars. Distant Suns tweaks the appearance of every star individually. Every star has its colour set. Cooler red stars have their habitable planets close by and are easy to skim for fuel. Super-luminous blue-white stars are far removed from their habitable zone and sun-skimming is impractical. Many stars are named. Information about stars is provided on the system data (F7) screen, and may also be revealed by other OXPs such as Destination ETA.

Distant Suns 2.png


This is a work in progress, and might be updated frequently or never.

Download in OXZ format here, for Oolite 1.80 or later (downloaded 6855 times).

Download from the box in OXP format for Oolite 1.76 or later.


Please use this forum thread for questions, comments or difficulties related to this OXP.

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