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Vincentz's icons for his New Deal OXP
4 types of economy:
agricultural, mining, industrial, commercial/financial

Download Nova Lux HUD 1.2 here, for Oolite 1.80 (downloaded 2933 times).


  • Nova Lux HUD - changes colour depending on alert condition
  • Font: 3D - adds a subtle 3D effect to the regular Oolite font
  • New Deal - unfinished economics oxp

Unfinished ships

  • Vincentz's combo pack is here and contains the most recent versions (April 2011) of his ships together with a Nova Start to make it easy to try them out.
There are 6 oxps: 4 ships (fighter, gunship, liner & shuttle), "Nova Start" & soundset
  • Nova Liner
  • Nova Fighter (the Gunship seems not to have a BB thread)
  • Nova Shuttle - inspired by "Space above and beyond" from the 1990's
  • Soundset has 9 battle-related sounds for the original BGS-M oxp (see BGS).
NovaLux HUD (1).png
Nova Lux HUD
Changes colour with alert condition
3d font.png
click to see 3D font effect
Nova Fighter.png
Nova Fighter
Nova Liner.png
Nova Liner
Nova Shuttle.png
Nova Shuttle