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The first online game i ever played (around 2004) was a browser-based text-only war game with RPG elements. I've always liked the main character in Lone Wolf McQuade , and decided i would roleplay as a Lone Wolf that went his own way, but also would be a member of a community. As there were more people that used that name, i had to think of a variation and choose Lone_Wolf . A few years later the game changed rules for playernames and underscores were no longer allowed. I then switched to LoneVVolf (double U , to be read as W ).

LW has his own Honour code. it's largely unwritten, but the medieval Chivalry Code of conduct comes close (leave out the church parts, LW is more of an agnostic) .

If you see someone using Lone_Wolf or LoneVVolf on other sites, chances are it's me.


Most of my oxps can be downloaded from this wiki or from the oxz manager, but ALL oxp format versions are stored on my box account

Oxps i created

Shield Cycler

Reduce Weapon Damage

Oxps i maintain

Homing Beacon


Target Autolock Plus

Repair 'Bots

Naval Grid