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From Oolite: A little History & some important early Versions

By 2010 there were 250+ OXPs. A year or two earlier, Lestradae caused much excitement in proposing a mega-OXP unifying all the ship oxps Realistic Shipyards (RS) and another unifying all OXPs The Oolite Extended Project (OE). He was hailed as second only to Aegidian & Ahruman in his then impact on the game. Alas, ...

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    "personalities-lestradae" = {
        insurance = 700; 
        name = "\"Emperor\" Lestradae Duval"; 
        "random_seed" = "0 0 0 0 0 0"; 
        "short_description" = "a black-haired, lean human colonial, slightly aristocratic, two big scars on both sides of the head";