System Demux (Oolite)

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Re-texture the home planet, add a planet/moon combination to each system. An alternative set of textures to System Redux 1. Note will also probably conflict with Deep Horizons System Redux 2 if installed. They will probably need to be removed from your AddOns folder to try this OXP. Tested for both Oolite v1.73.4 and v.1.74.1. Snapshots below from 1.73.4.

System demux planet1.png

System demux planet2.png System demux planet3.png System demux planet4.png

System demux planet5.png

System demux planet6.png System demux planet7.png System demux planet8.png

  • 64 Home planet textures, each 2048x1024.
  • 32 extra planet textures.
  • 32 moon textures, each 1024x512.

System Demux v.2

By Dr Beeb

  • Version 2 (August 2010) has improved compatibility, higher resolution gas giants, and some textures replaced. Total OXP size is 39 Mbytes.
  • Version 1 (July 2010) has static planets & moons.