Random Station Names

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This OXP is a pure flavour OXP which adds a unique name to each Main Station in the 8 Galaxies unless that station already has a unique name in a similar way to the way Random Ship Names give ships unique names. It has no effect on gameplay and does not write anything to your save file.

It will only name stations therefore (whether standard or OXP) if they would otherwise have a Standard Name appear on the ID Computer (eg: Dodecahedron Station).

From Playtesting with all the Station OXPs installed, the only main Stations it does not add a name are the Torus Stations as the author has already given them names. As their name from the Torus Stations OXP is already "Torus Station: Virgin", Torus Station: Trade Hub" etc the Random Stations OXP detects this and doesn't at a name to these stations. The OXP is capable of adding a name to all the Standard Stations added by OXPs such as Extra Stations for Extra Planets, but the code to do this is not yet implemented as this is on the To Do list.

The names of the stations are not yet permanent.


For more information check out http://aegidian.org/bb/viewtopic.php?p=271048 (2020+)


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