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Pirate Coves

Some exceptional pirates manage to gather up a band of cutthroats and take over either abandoned or manned Rock Hermits, slaughtering or inducting those who they find inhabiting them. From this point, the Rock Hermit is referred to as a Pirate Cove and are considered real navigational hazards to trade shipping. The normal tactic of a Pirate Cove is to remain powered down until a likely target comes onto their scanners, then the pirate ships power up, mass-locking the target's in-system hyperspeed drive. From this point, only the most skillful or lucky pilots can fend off or escape them. The usual result is the target is overwhelmed and destroyed, their cargo scooped and any evidence of the combat cleared away before the police arrive on the scene.


Latest version v2.0.1 PirateCoves_2.0.oxz (or download via the Download Manager).

Old version of Pirate Coves 1.4.2 OXP that needs version Oolite 1.74 or newer. (Updated 12 May 2013)

Version history

  • v 2.0.1 Fixed JS error when arriving in Diso.
  • v2.0 Update to version 2.0
    • Reworked populator script to allow the game to be saved at Pirate Coves.
    • Moved the location of Pirate Coves to be a little bit away from the main space lane.
    • Made all the spawning rules for Pirate Coves configurable via Library Config, including:
      • Whether single Pirate Coves should be spawned at all
      • Whether to include a sample Pirate Cove at Diso (G1)
      • Controlling how close to the space lanes a single Pirate Cove should be spawned.
      • Whether Pirate Coves should replace standard Rock Hermits, in any of their 3 varieties (neutral, chaotic or pirate), and what the chance of the replacement should be
  • v 1.4.2 Pirate Coves are now always mostly at the same position. There will be variation after long periods. Killed pirate coves will not be rebuild within a certain time (about 20 days).
  • v 1.3.2 Escorts, launching from the pirate cove, now also have a bounty.
  • v 1.3.1 No trader launches from rotating pirate coves.
  • v 1.3 Now any installed hermit can become a pirate cove. Also they contain more pirates when used by more experienced players. Minimum Oolite raised to 1.74
  • v 1.2.2 Minor update. You can't shoot away the dock now.
  • v 1.2.1 Adapted to Oolite 1.73. On older Oolite versions it just behaves like version 1.1
  • v 1.1 Added java scrip to this oxp. Removed some minor bugs.


For more info you can look at the Pirate Cove topic at the bulletin board.