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Just use common sense and your best English.

Failing the above, try Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Giving titles to OXPs

  • For consistency and eventual category clarity, when adding the page that describes an OXP, suffix the title with the word OXP separated by [space] (like OoliteFoo OXP). Any other desired variations for search purposes can be added as redirects.

Elite Wiki and Wikipedia

Some observed differences between the Elite Wiki and Wikipedia:

  • There are no references on Elite Wiki. Use <small> ... </small> tags to set references apart from regular article content.
  • It is not mandatory to write the article subject in boldface letters at the first mention in the article, although for the sake of clarity and declaring article intent in the introduction, there is no rule against it.
  • Capitals are frequently used in titles and headers indiscriminately, not just for proper nouns, though with restraint a sentence read less like advertisement if only the first word is capitalised. Not a rule.
  • Elite Wiki uses English English on all articles, as opposed to American English. This may actually be a rule.