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[http://deephorizonindustries.com/Nav_Buoy.html Author's website]
[http://deephorizonindustries.com/Nav_Buoy.html Author's website]
Also available from the download manager ({{#downloads:Oolite.oxp.cheyd.dhi_nav_buoy.oxz}} downloads)

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Deep Horizon Industries

Deep Horizon Industries is the Galaxies' foremost company for large-scale agriculteral machinery, terraforming, and now aftermarket optical sensor upgrades. Headquartered in Galaxy 3 on Teriar, and now with a manufacturing and research facility in Galaxy 8, Deep Horizon Industries is rapidly expanding its products, services, and customer base.

Navigation Buoy

Deep Horizon Industries is proud to announce the immediate availability of the GFL-1 Witchpoint Tunnel Demarkation Buoys and GFL-2 Station Traffic Orientation and Control Buoys on contract with the Galactive Co-Operative.

Nav Bouy Teaser.jpg


Author's website

Also available from the download manager (424 downloads)