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"it can pack a punch, if it has been turned into an Iron Arse " Sadly for devotees of proper English, it is an Iron Ass... cf The Dark Wheel... --RavenRed

'Ass' is correct

I don't think Iron Ass in this context is talking about an iron rear end. From the context, or at least I infer, 'ass' means donkey-like animal; it seems that there is an undercurrent in The Dark Wheel that a slang term for your ship is 'an ass', and therefore 'an iron ass' is a well defended or strong ship. 'Ass' because most ships are capable of the unglamorous pack-animal job of trade. --Winston

yeah i was tossing that one up, thought i had a 50/50 chance of being right

The blurb

The blurb is the Elite-classic blurb, FFE does not have aquatic spacefaring races...only Man and the Thargoids. :Neither of which are aquatic, unless you count the Unlaveans, human colonials who have adapted themselves to their watery planet. User:Arexack

The Mosser Connection

FFE canon might not have aquatic space-faring life forms, but there is always the Norman Mosser connection - the HPA saaaarggghghhha all started with Mosser meeting up with some aquatics. --Winston

Let alone that lovely scene with Mack in the belly of a Moray :) RavenRed--