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Galactic SatNav
Name Galactic SatNav
Cost 500
TL Availability 7

The Galactic SatNav is a software upgrade for the Advanced Navigational Array. You need to already have bought the Advanced Navigational Array.

It is especially useful for passenger, cargo and parcel delivery contractors to navigate the quickest or shortest route to the required destination.


After buying the SatNav, prime it (Shift-N).

Now use the local or long-range galactic chart to select a destination.

Press n to activate the SatNav - it should report that the destination is set.

When you enter the local chart the SatNav will report which system is the best to choose to reach the destination in the shortest and quickest journeys. This happens with each jump.

When the destination is reached the SatNav will switch off.

Changing Galaxies will also switch the SatNav off.


Current version

Uploaded 29th October 2014.

Version History

0.0.2: Changed price, tech level
0.0.1: Added to oxp management system
0.0.0: Initial release via bulletin boards


For any questions about the oxp, you can browse through the related "Galactic SatNav" forum page.