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"Thinking Outside The Triangle"

D.T.T. Ship Builders Inc. have undertaken a number of commissions for the design and manufacture of custom ships, for clients who desire something truly unique. If and when their owners grant us permission, we will provide details of these custom ships in this special section of our catalogue.

If these craft inspire you to request a custom design yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us at once. We offer competitive pricing schedules, and attractive terms.

The "Heart of Gold"


Instantly recognisable to any fan of the hit 1981 BBC-TV series "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", she's 150 metres of pure sexy!

Custom designed and manufactured for an eccentric billionaire who insisted we refer to him only as "The Big Z".

Infinite Improbability Drive not included (P.O.A.) and you will have to supply your own towel.


  • Width - 47m
  • Height - 32m
  • Length - 150m
  • Cargo capacity - 450 TC
  • Energy recharge rate - Medium
  • Energy banks - 7
  • Pitch - 0.9
  • Roll - 2.2
  • Maximum speed - 0.190 LM
  • Acceleration - 25g
  • Missiles - 6
  • Weapon mounts - Fore, Aft, Port, and Starboard
  • Price - 1,000,000 Cr
  • Availability - Tech level 12 and up

Planet Express Delivery Ship

DTT Planet Express Promo.jpg

"Good news everyone!" D.T.T. Ship Builders Inc. are proud to present their recreation of the world-famous Planet Express delivery ship, affectionately known as "Bessie", from the TV series "Futurama".

This ship was custom designed and manufactured for a doddering old professor with a penchant for going around dressed only in his pyjamas and dressing gown.

On-board Bending Unit supplied as standard.


  • Width - 50.4m
  • Height - 50m
  • Length - 150m
  • Cargo capacity - 30 TC
  • Energy recharge rate - Medium
  • Energy banks - 5
  • Pitch - 1.5
  • Roll - 2.2
  • Maximum speed - 0.550 LM
  • Acceleration - 40g
  • Missiles - 4
  • Weapon mounts - Fore, Aft
  • Price - 100,000 Cr
  • Availability - Tech level 11 and up
  • DTT Planet Express (Rough Guide) for a review