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This OXP adds a piece of equipment which ejects your escape pod automatically when your energy becomes too low.


We all know the situation: during an intense fight a pilot has to have his/her/its eyes and hands everywhere, checking targets, missiles, laser temperature, using the ECM, targetting and firing a missile, always having an eye on shield status and energy banks, and whatnot. And then it happens: suddenly another salvo burns through your hull, and before you can reach the button that ejects your escape pod, your ship has already vaporized and your microscopic remains are freely floating in the vacuum—Press Space, Commander!

You could have prevented that! Foole's Systems™ proudly presents the Auto Eject Module. This small upgrade to your escape pod constantly monitors your remaining energy. Should the energy level fall under the critical threshold it automatically launches your escape capsule, and you begin your journey to the nearest station or planet.

At just half the price of your escape capsule it is also a real bargain, and available in all well-equipped stores of techlevel 8 and above.

The Foole's Systems™ Auto Eject Module is fully adjustable in-flight via the primeable equipment control. Once you have selected the item (default SHIFT-N) you can switch it on or off via pressing N. And you can adjust the threshold at which the module is activated via pressing B. Three options are at your disposal: the MEDIUM setting, which is also the default, sets the module to activate when one third of your last energy bank is left. In HIGH setting the module is activated already when a little more than half of your last energy bank is left. The LOW setting allows your energy to sink to less than one sixth of the last bank before you're ejected. The LOW setting carries the risk that the mechanism triggers too late, which may result in pilot existence failure. At HIGH setting you should be safe from this, but at the opposite risk of triggering too early and losing your cargo. Foole's Systems™ accepts no liability for the possible consequences of your preferred setting.

NOTE: In order to work properly, you must have both an escape capsule and the auto eject module installed. Should one of them sustain damage during the fight, the automatical ejection will no longer work.

DISCLAIMER: after the device worked properly, the manufacturer will not accept claims that you would have survived the fight without ejecting. Foole's Systems™ will therefore not refund any costs related to the proper functioning of the Auto Eject Module, be it the price of a new escape capsule or the value of any cargo lost with the abandoned ship.

Minimum Requirements

Auto_eject1.1.oxp requires at least Oolite 1.77.

Download Location

OXZ: Auto_Eject_1.1.oxz (downloaded 1231 times).

OXP: Auto_eject1.1.oxp is available for download via


Move or copy the file auto_eject.oxp from the download folder into your AddOns folder. Where that resides depends on your installation. Make sure to delete any previous version. Restart Oolite.


See in this topic.

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Generally useful!
but: you could find yourself being ejected just as the last bandit blows, and you would've survived.