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This OXP will turn on 4x Time Acceleration Factor (TAF) with Torus Jump Drive ("j" button) and reduce torus speed to injector speed.

In this way we get similar time compression so the player is capable to reach far targets using about the same time as before but injecting NPCs can keep step with player which make things more real.

Designed to balance the fact that NPCs has no torus at all and prevent using torus as an ultimate escaping device.

You get 4x TAF if your computer is capable to draw 60 FPS without TAF to get at least 15 FPS, else TAF reduced to 3x over 45 FPS, 2x from 30 FPS and will stay at 1x below 30 FPS. TAF multiplier will be adjusted in every frame to keep it always as high as possible. You can show your FPS and TAF by pressing Shift+F.

Accelerated Injectors

At Injector speeds TAF turn on at 2x rate, but over 30 FPS only to get at least 15 FPS. This is handy if you feel to leave behind traders need long time even if using injectors.

As a side effect your controls and fire rate looks like two times faster, but your enemies are faster also due to time pass faster.

TAF will be restored to 1x if player slow to normal speed, in Red Alert and if docked.


Oolite 1.77.1-test due to (or until) TAF is fixed at 1x in deployment versions. You can download TAF enabled Oolite test versions from the main Oolite download page.

Alternatively you can download the latest nightlie but this can cause surprises as it is not officially released.

Hardware which is capable to draw at least 30 FPS in Oolite (check with Shift+F).


Unzip the file, and then move the folder named ".oxp" into the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation.

Setings in timeslip.js

this.$TimeSlipInjectorsTAF = 2; //Time Acceleration Factor with Injectors, 1=turn off
this.$TimeSlipTorusTAF = 4; //maximal Time Acceleration Factor with Torus Jump Drive
this.$TimeSlipMinFPS = 15; //maintain at least this FPS


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0. If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to norbylite@gmail.com.


2013.12.19. v1.0  Initial release.

Download TimeSlip OXP from here.

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.0 2013-12-19 CC BY-NC-SA 3 Time acceleration Mechanics OXPs Norby BB-Link