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I think this page is a start, but still needs some serious work. For instance its content should be cross-checked with the Status Quo novella, especially as dates and other background information is concerned.

One example: "In late 2850 a damaged Thargoid ship was captured" "and in 2354, under intense pressure, Dr. Falayn published details of the synthesis of a new fuel". 24th or 29th century?

Even more: Does the background story of Quirium stemming from captured Thargoid technology fit together with other background information? I don't think so, because (1) there must have been interstellar travel long before the first encounter with Thargoids (2849), and not only through Generation Ships. Quirium drives must have been in use at least as long as GalCop exists--a network of 2048 worlds simply isn't possible without simple, easy, fast, and reliable interstellar travel; (2) the first (canonical) successful recovery of a Thargoid Warship did happen only in Frontier (I was told); and (3) the Thargoids don't even use Quirium-based hyperdrives, they have a biological propulsion system--which enabled INRA to cripple them with some sort of a virus.

Possible additions: extraction of Quirium from the solar wind through the fuel collector, or the subsequent ban of q-bombs. --Commander McLane 12:43, 29 October 2008 (UTC)