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Here are two new ships - a souped up, prettied up police Viper plus the long-promised Oresrian Trader.

The SWAT Viper adds a better armed Viper to the game, in response to the better armed adversaries that are becoming common in the spacelanes. It totes a military laser, and has a 50-50 chance of appearing instead of the usual Police ships. It is not available to players.

The Oresrian Trader is the largest ship in the Oresrian fleet. Unfortunately, this peaceful tradeship shares many similarities with the feared Thargoid warships and are often mistaken for them in the heat of battle.

Ships in this OXP

Swat viper.png
GalCop SWAT Viper
Oresrian cruiser.png
Oresrian Trader


You can download this OXP here.