Killer Wolf's Dynamic HUD

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This HUD set uses features introduced in Oolite v1.74 to switch HUDs for different situations.

It's a set of dynamic HUDs that should work with any ship in Oolite except mine that have their own HUD sets. The only thing shoving a spanner in the works that I can foresee at the mo is the missile readout : it's currently set for a generic Cobra and would need amending for anything with greater amounts of missiles to get a nice centred readout. Thoughts on this will be appreciated.



KW Hud trading.jpg

Normal Flight

In-flight (note blank missile display is due to me not having any!)

KW Hud normal.jpg


Combat, enlarged scanner etc for (hopefully) better situational awareness

KW Hud combat.jpg


In trouble

KW Hud snafu.jpg

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