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Born in 3114 on Gerege, Galaxy 1, John "Jack" Voysey is the protagonist of Justice for Mrs Combs.

Early life

Voysey's mother abandoned the family when he was a child; his father, a GalCop policeman, was killed in a docking-bay gunfight when he was in his teens. He joined the GalCop police himself, working as a customs officer on a Coriolis station in the Rizala system until a drinking problem led to him being transferred and retrained as a Viper pilot. In 3138 he inherited a Gecko from his aunt, and left the force to become an escort for hire ("the non-salacious kind"). He subsequently acquired a private investigator's licence. Prior to the events of Justice for Mrs Combs, he amassed a total of nine kills, making him mostly harmless.


Voysey is a man of some intelligence, but with a tendency towards risk-taking and violence. He is not without compassion, however. He enjoys films and books, and has a particular passion for music.