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This OXP is designed to add some variety to the range and behaviour of the hyperdrives of various in-game ships. Some caution is advised as this will likely limit the range of both core and oxp player ships alike.

A ships hyperdrive determines both how far it can travel in a single jump (hyperspace range) and also how quickly it can initiate such a jump (hyperspace countdown). With the addition of various pieces of equipment, such as an extra energy unit or a wormhole scanner, the maximum range can be increased.

Player ships will no longer exhibit uniform hyperspace behaviour although non-player ships (were such behaviour is usually less obvious) remain unaffected. The maximum single jump range of 7.0 lightyears remains unaltered.


  • Hyperspace coundown time becomes a factor of ship size - generally speaking, the bigger the ship, the longer the countdown.
  • Hyperdrive range becomes a factor of a ships 'tech level' (not using the shipyard value) - the higher the tech, the longer the range.
  • Hyperdrive range can be boosted by purchasing various core items of equipment (and reduced should they become damaged).


  • This OXP needs Oolite v1.80.



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