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Famous Planets SpacewayLiners.OXP by Thargoid and P.A. Groove



Models and permission for using it: By Ramirez, without him it wouldn't be possible. The models are from his Executive SpaceWays.oxp.
Thanks to Presti70 for drawing in the lines on his trading map which can be found in this topic:
Galaxy 1 - Presti's Trading Starmap

What it does

This OXP adds Spaceway Liners on the 4 spaceways from Lave to Zadies. You can find a map on the Bulletin Board. Just search for the latest version of Presti70's trading map of Galaxy 1. It is a separate OXP but is designed to complement Famous Planets OXP

There are 4 sorts of liners that fly on different routes:

Colour Spaceway Between Region

Blue L1 Lave – Lerelace (Old worlds ---> Xexedi Cluster)
Yellow liner L2 Lave – Zadies (Old worlds ---> Galcenter G1)
White liner L3 Zadies – Teraed (Galcenter G1--> Teraed Region)
Pink liner L4 Teraed – Tianve (Teraed Region-> Pulsar Worlds)

The 4 lines are operated with success by Oojet in various configurations. Due to having no mapping computer themselves the Liners (with escorts) fly out to the Witchspace beacons where they can hyperspace on the pre-programmed Spaceway routes. This was done by Oojet to prevent hijacking of the liners by pirates who want to add another Strelka liner to their collection.

Sometimes a Strelka can be found loading and waiting for its escorts outside the station.

A note to the commander

Be aware that the Spaceways L1 to L4 are very busy and crowded. So a trip may take longer than normal.

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