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This OXP replaces all of the normal sounds effects in Oolite and adds many new sounds. In total 44 sound effects are added.

It also has a lot of speech, using a calm female voice to warn the player of alarming events (such as an incoming missile or a miss-jump).

Great fun and adds a lot of atmosphere to your Oolite experience!


  • 44 sounds.
  • Included in BGS (modified).
  • Via patch useable as original.


  • Oolite v1.65 and higher.
  • No dependencies.

Download (8.412KB)

This sound-pack has been packaged as an Oolite expansion pack by Giles Williams.

For BGS users a patch is available. Install it like any other oxp:
CustomSounds_BGS (255KB) 2010-09-23

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.0 2006-12-21 Sounds Ambience OXPs Milinks