Coriolis Station (Classic)

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Coriolis Station
Size (metres, W×H×L) 1000 x 1000 x 1000
Manoeuvrability Roll: 8.0
Pitch: 8.0
Rotating Yes
Energy recharge rate 100
Armaments None
Defenders GalCop


The back-bone of GalCop, the Coriolis Station was designed at the GASEC laboratories on Vetitice and first entered service around Lave in 2752. GalCop and the Lave Authorities allow practice docking and departure runs to all their space stations here. However this facility is suspended during attack, or when the Coriolis station has no free docking space.

Every world registered with the Galactic Co-operative has several Coriolis space stations in orbit at various altitudes. Coriolis stations are "neutral" territory, controlled equally by GalCop and the Planetary Government.

Station Description

The station spins along a single axis running vertically from the planet below. One side of the station always faces the planet, and it is on this facet that the access tunnel is located.

Coriolis stations have powerful defensive shields (against pirate attack and inept docking) and a large fleet of Viper fighters. The inside of the station is free-space, and on each inner facet of the station there are berthing and refueling facilities for up to 2000 ships, as well as cities, hospitals, farmlands and leisure-scapes.

Dry Dock

During coding of Classic Elite 'dry-dock' code was used to view some of the craft during development (referred to as *VIEW on Ian Bell's web site). A movie for the Coriolis Station generated using *VIEW run under the BBC emulator BeebEm3 is available here.