Behemoth Spacewar

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Behemoth Spacewar

This OXP has no functionality of its own, it completely depends on the graphics incorporated in Behemoths OXP from Aegidian and Thorgorn Threat OXP from Arexack Heretic.

What does it do?

The Behemoth is designed to attack the Thargoids in witchspace. Thus it is very powerful with strong defense-ships that launch on an attack. The default Oolite Thargoids have no chance against the strength of the Behemoth. Therefore Arexack Heretic created several stronger Thargoid ships that also appear in interstellar space to bring the powers in the Ooniverse into balance.

But in normal space the Behemoth mostly loses its powers to launch defenders and only looks for Thargoids that are very near in normal space. This OXP restores its launch capabilities in normal space and sometimes places two Behemoths, two Thargoid Cruisers and two Thargoid Battleships in normal space on such a path that they eventually must meet.

These Thargoids of Thorgorn Threat OXP are very powerful and less experienced players should avoid them and just wait and watch the battle between these giants from a distance. Only a Commander in an iron-ass ship would take part in the action and help the Behemoths as these powerful Thargoid ships are capable of destroying the Behemoths.

What is needed?

You need the newest version of the Behemoths OXP. At least version 2.1. This is the one that has two versions of the Behemoth ship, one with a docking slit in front, and the other in the back. You also need Thorgorn Threat OXP.

How it works

It replaces part of the original Behemoth code by overwriting it in memory. For this to work it must be loaded after the Behemoth.oxp. The filename is chosen so that it loads later when no original filenames were altered. With Thorgorn Threat nothing is overwritten, it only links to that file. But make sure you have both OXPs installed as some versions of Oolite may even crash if it points to non-existing files.


Download file: Behemoth Spacewar 1.3


Version 1.2.0 uses JS and will recognise a missing Behemoth.oxp or Thorgon Threat.oxp.
Version 1.2.1 bugfix: will now recognise the Thorgon Threat.oxp.
Version 1.2.2 bugfix: will now now use Oolites own definition of ballturret. (December 2009)
Version 1.3: Raised minimum Oolite to 1.74. (March 2012)


This OXP needs at least version 1.74 of Oolite.