ZygoUgo's Buoy

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ZygoUgo's buoy.png

ZygoUgo's flashy Buoy.

Yer, very exciting, adds some flashers to the Nav-Buoy, It's possible I may actually do a model for this some point, if I have an idea that interests me enough.

Shpeel... After numerous accidents in the engulfing shadows of planets, low-energy consumption alert flashing lights were added to the navigation buoys, albeit with higher energy than the solar-powered witchpoint's flashers could afford to be. You will find them everywhere but the very poorest systems, and a small number where the station masters just prefer things the way they were.


  • Authors: ZygoUgo, Michael -Amah- Doering
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 (License.. Everything's already in Oolite, so go with that one :))


Gameplay and Balance Indicator