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Ever launched from a station and seen another ship open a wormhole and jump out? Ever wondered where it may be headed? You could just dive into its wormhole cloud and find out when you emerge from witchspace – it may or may not be ideal, but it’s a good way to explore. Or you could purchase a Wormhole Scanner, analyse the wormhole first, and decide if it’s a suitable destination for you.


Contrary to what planet-side folk believe, Quirium 'fuel' is not used to propel your vessel through witchspace. Quirium is used to create a wormhole from your present location to your desired target system. The wormhole persists for a while after you have used it, and other ships can follow you through it. Likewise, when another ship creates a wormhole, if you are quick you can follow that ship through, before the wormhole collapses (the wormhole's duration varies according to the ship's mass). The benefit is: you will have used no Quirium fuel at all to get to the destination.

If you see another ship create a wormhole, and can see it is near to where you want to go next, by using that ship's wormhole and then jumping to your target system, it will save you some fuel.


Displays detailed information about a targeted wormhole


When in flight, press r to activate the ship's identification system, and place your target reticle over a wormhole to select it as the wormhole scanner's target. The scanner will then start displaying all the information available for the selected wormhole.


Price: 2395.0 ₢
Techlevel: 10

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