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Wide-Screen HUD is the first Oolite HUD designed specifically, and only, for screens with 8:5 and 16:9 aspect ratios. It makes full use of the screen width to avoid cluttering other HUD elements around the crucial scanner and compass instruments.


Target Radar

The target radar function of the space compass is now made more useful by making it target sensitive. Like the Scanner Targeting Enhancement, when in target mode the space compass will glow bright red while the target is dead ahead.

Advanced space compass in target mode:

Wide-Screen HUD on target.png

Wide-Screen HUD off target.png

Space Compass

It is also the first Oolite HUD to feature separate gravimeter (for locating celestial bodies) and transponder (for beacons) displays linked to the space compass. The displays are separated even without an Advanced Space Compass, so there is never any confusion regarding the target of a basic compass.

Basic or advanced space compass fixed on a planet:

Wide-Screen HUD compasses 1.png

Basic space compass fixed on a main station:

Wide-Screen HUD compasses 3.png

Advanced space compass fixed on a main station:

Wide-Screen HUD compasses 2.png

Radar Scanner

Wide-Screen HUD features a colour-changing radar scanner, whose appearance varies to emphasize current alert conditions.

Wide-Screen HUD panic alert.png

Like my previous MilHUD 4000, Wide-Screen HUD will also detect the use of Police IFF Scanner Upgrade OXP, and if the player has purchased the upgraded scanner, will change to a special police scanner colour that de-emphasises police vessels and maximizes visibility of civilian vessels on the scanner.


Other Features

Wide-Screen HUD also features a unique jump stability meter which appears during the countdown to a witchspace jump.


Wide-Screen HUD is a scripted HUD, which is what allows its appearance to vary according to current conditions. However, I've tried to use the scripting for usability improvements, rather than in-your-face gimmicks. An example is the ship's clock, which is high-lighted while you have passenger or cargo deadlines to meet, but fades away when less relevant.

To use, place the Wide-Screen HUD OXP into your "AddOns" folder, and remove any other HUD OXPs. Also remove any OXPs which announce beacons, such as Talkative Space Compass OXP; when cycling the Advanced Space Compass through beacons mode, Wide-Screen HUD will announce full beacon codes.