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A flying Vector.


Summer 3147 MGMT, somewhere at Aenqute, a communicator is ringing.
The whistling sound vibrates until a slightly drunken man takes this call.

'Yeah, Arn here.'
'Am I talking to Mr.Arn D'ercul?'
'Who wants to know this?'
'My name is Peregg Odell, president of UniversalLaw & sons. Our company is well known for more than 200 years and we have informations that you are a specialist for prototype spaceship design.'
'Hmmm. Could be.'

With this words he started to track the connection - strange, no result, hmm...

'Mr.D'ercul. My clients are very interested in your talents. They've seen some of your former creations and might think that your designs have something... ...err... ...natural that would perfectly fit into their imaginations of a spaceship.'
'Seems your clients have good taste.'
'Absolutely right, Mr.D'ercul. My clients would appreciate if you'd accept an offer to create another of your extraordinary ships. Credits doesn't matter and we'll grant a sum of 5 Millions for the time it takes to design and build this ship. After completing we'll pay another 5 Millions to your personal account.'

'Any specials wanted?'
'My clients are very interested in your sunburn-waver, cargospace is not so important, but the engines should make it worth it's money. Ah, and before I forget... we need your special mechanism for the fuel-scoops.'
'Your clients want to transport special cargo, isn't it?'
'Yes, Mr.D'ercul. Nobody has to know what's in and the usual cargobay is sometimes not the right place.'
'Ok, Odell. I think I got the picture. Within 3 month you'll get the point why you've had to contact me.'


This Addon adds a new, fast, rare and expensive type of player-ship to the universe and includes also another special feature - 'Richmans World' - a unusual mission type. The Vectors design is clear, elegant and speed-optimized. With a big touch of nostalgic italian lines, so it's price is no surprise. Like other ships it is capable to transport some cargo (your doggy-bag must have some place), but most of the available place is used by it's extravagant big engine. Some people might say that only hoopy froods will fly a Vector, but fact is that it is a sports ship at it's best. You don't have to be a multi-millionaire to get one of these very rare ships. And flying such a beauty will change your life. Rumors says that this ship was originally designed for one of the chairmen of the GRS company for some weekend trips, but who believes in rumors?

You can play this oxp in very different ways. Stay clean or climb to the top of the 'business'. Every way has it's own advantages and disadvantages. It's your decision. Oh, and you'll stumble into the story that opens your eyes. Someday, maybe. It rambles into your life when you don't expect it, so keep your eyes open.


This OXP adds the Personal Assistance Device to your F4 Ship-Station Interface screen: the current version of this is Lib PAD - from Library


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