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Ships has shorter masslock radius based on mass.

Ship name	Mass	Masslock radius (r=mass*0.02+17000)
Adder         	16 t	17 km
Gecko        	25 t	17.5 km
Sidewinder	25 t	17.5 km
Viper        	34 t	17.7 km
Mamba         	36 t	17.7 km
Moray        	51 t	18 km
Cobra Mk I	52 t	18 km
Fer-de-Lance	53 t	18 km
Asp          	76 t	18.5 km
Krait       	93 t	19 km
Boa           	182 t	20.5 km
Cobra Mk III	215 t	21 km
Boa2         	216 t	21 km
Python      	267 t	22 km
Anaconda	438 t	26 km

You can't use Tours drive in combat situations due to red alert, regardless of these distances.

Torus will turn off when a new ship arrive into scanner range but you can engange it again until your alert level is green.

Ships over masslock range marked with darker yellow lollipop in green alert.

Torus will turn off when there are an asteroid in collision course to slow down in time and prevent impact.


Do not unzip the .oxz file, just move into the AddOns folder of your Oolite installation.


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2015.04.20. v1.0  First release.


VariableMasslock_1.0.oxz‎ (downloaded 358 times).

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