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The Azure Sunset issue should now be fixed. I have not deleted the Azure_sunset page. Deleting pages seems to be a Wiki no-no!

You're a star. how did you do it?

I used the "move" option to set up a new page exactly the same as the old one but with the correct title. The Wiki would then automatically redirect everyone who visited the old page to the new one, but as there were only a couple of pages that linked there anyway I changed the links on those pages manually :-)

Sir Steve...

1) Can you add anything to the utter lack of information on Andy Redman (Imprint)?

2) I've been adumbrating the wiki pages on Elite, Frontier etc, and would appreciate your just checking to see that I've not made any egregious errors! I've never played either game (or Pioneer or E:D - joys of the AppleMac!).

Major changes to Classic Elite, Frontier, First Encounters as well as to many of the pages within their categories: Category:Classic, Category:FFE & Category:FE2.


Cholmondeley 19:25, 23 January 2022 (UTC)