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Solonar, Human Colonial, Duke of Esceso, born on Oresrati G8, the loneliest place in the Ooniverse, immigrated to Lave G1 where he gained formalized pilot training before embarking on that great voyage into the beyond. It was not long after leaving Lave that he was conscripted by the Galactic Navy on that little known 'Naval Reserve' clause that comes with all GalCop pilot licenses. It was after being sent to Galaxy 2 by the Galactic Navy that he pulled into port in Esceso, a revolting dump of a planet under feudal rule. It had only one saving grace and that was ship dueling for stakes at a Royal Lodge in far orbit beyond the witchpoint buoy. Piloting only a stock Cobra Mk3, he amassed a small fortune in wager winnings after besting one feudal pilot after the next. Seeing he seemed a prodigy on the stick, the King of Esceso offered him something the Navy did not, freedom of choice. Where as the Galactic Navy conscripted Solonar with that little known 'Naval Reserve' clause, Esceso offered him title, peerage and land among the feudal houses of Galaxy 2. Thus did he soon after earn the title Knight of Esceso. This is where began Solonar's unfettered loyalty to the feudal houses, Esceso in particular, and his disdain for GalCop and the Galactic Navy.