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Selezen, also known as Dave Hughes, is a long-time Elite player and contributor to Oolite.

Constibutions to the Elite community include mending his troll-like ways on the EBBS, writing several ship OXPs for Oolite and co-writing the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard OXP.

He is currently trying to write the Oolite Manual and draw a logo for this wiki.

Although he has been involved with Elite and the spin-off games since 1984, he has only recently become active in the community in the last couple of years, during which time he has developed a troubling tendency to talk about himself in the third person. Before this, his biggest contribution to the community was the creation of an Elite universe roleplaying game which was played around the campus of Nottingham Trent University for over two years.

Interests include programming, web design and graphic design. He has also just embarked on the creation of a webcomic called Battle Barge, which is based on wargaming and roleplaying.

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