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Rustem is from Russia. He joined the BB and started posting in 2015, fading away back into Real Life in 2019.

Very much into astronomy, creating one of the more sophisticated OXPs trying to sort out the Ooniverse scientifically - Distant Stars & also putting a lot of work into updating and refining Orbits.

He was also concerned about fairness, to give the NPCs an equal crack of the whip, thus writing his Q-bomb oxp variant to allow NPCs to use theirs intelligently and also Military Shields Ships to allow NPCs access to the same better shield technologies that players have. His assassin shipset increases the range of dangerous ships in the more dangerous systems in an intelligent way, as does his Stealth Raiders. Many of his OXPs beef up the challenge for the more experienced players, while avoiding contact with the less experienced.


Not on the Expansions Manager

  • Mechanics: Orbits (2018-9) - more realistic orbits for extra planets
  • Ships: Stealth Raiders (2019) - the link downloads the 1.0.5 version from Box
  • See his collection below which includes other OXPs based around his Orbits.oxp

Rustem helped with a number of other OXPs too: eg Pods, Armoury & Random Hits.

Rustem's collection of goodies

See here: (2018-9)