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Resistance Commander's Operations Room
Feudal States

Steve Ramirez joined the Oolite community in 2005.


Equipment	Fuel Tank		emergency fuel		(2006-14)
Mechanics	BlOomberg Markets	market news		(2010-19)
Missions	Iron Raven		Galaxy 8		(2010-20)
Missions	Resistance Commander	Galaxy 5		(2011-15)
Missions	Trident Down		Galaxy 4		(2007-14)
Ships		Saleza Aeronautics				(2007-18)
Ships		Executive SpaceWays				(2007-18)
Systems		Dictators OXP					(2010-20)
Systems		Feudal States					(2010-15)
Weapons		Missiles and Bombs				(2008-18)

His missions build on his other oxp's, and bring new life to Galaxies 4, 5 & 8.

The complexity of the coding of Feudal States has inhibited altering the large payouts for jousting tournaments at the feudal lodges.

He also produced some wonderful brochures and briefings for most of his oxp's. You will need to unzip the oxz to extract them. This can be done using the in-game Expansions Manager - and pressing x.

Collection (2007-12)

Ramirez's original website has sundered ( but Wayback machine has preserved some pages.