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Phantorgorth has been active producing maps as well as creating and improving a number of other OXPS.


Phantorgorth's Oolite Interactive Map.png


Assisted with


Phantorgorth's Species Icons for the F6 screen
Phantorgorth's musings about the relationship between Species and The Eight
Phantorgorth's musings about interior of a Coriolis station
Amaranth (discussing image): Clever idea but...I think you would need the floors to be circular in profile, otherwise there would be some awkward off-grav sections near the joins (the gravity would be 22.5 degrees out near these points). Bear in mind that the gravity is produced using rotation only, so it would operate radially from the axis of rotation. I imagine a coriolis in some ways to be fairly like (front section only of) Babylon 5 for how it 'works' .

Phantorgorth's response: If you look more carefully you will see that I have taken that into account with the use of artificial gravity (big black arrows) and references to Gravity Transition Zones. Yes the station is spinning but that would only just reduce the amount of energy spent on artificial gravity. If it wasn't for the artificial gravity the floors near the axis would have low "gravity".

See Sizes and scale in Oolite (again) for more of his musings on the interior of a Coriolis