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P.A. Groove Stations OXP

Povray Planets

Povray Planets - planet textures for the 8 galaxies
Famous Planets OXP - descriptions of planets in the first two galaxies (based on Povray Planets)




BGS Soundset

This list ignores his collaborative efforts and his providing the seed idea for other peoples' .oxp's.


P.A. Groove wrote backgrounds for his various stations: P.A. Groove Stations backgrounds
He also created a number of the planet pages in the Rough Guide to the Ooniverse: he wrote Aronar (Rough Guide).
He wrote the stubs for Aesbion (Rough Guide), Beusrior (Rough Guide), Isence (Rough Guide), Laenin (Rough Guide), Qutiri (Rough Guide), Reinen (Rough Guide), Tianve (Rough Guide), Tibionis (Rough Guide), Xexedi (Rough Guide) & Zarece (Rough Guide). Some of these were later developed by others.


P.A. Groove started making music in the late eighties. Taking organ lessons.
In the 90's Jeroen discovered house music by listening to radio shows on the Dutch radio. The sounds of the VRPO night programs and the sound of Stadsradio Rotterdam (Planet-E) where sources of inspiration for him. When his dad bought a PC with a capable sound (Gravis Ultrasound) he started producing. In 1996 he was able to afford his first synthesizer: a Yamaha Cs1x.
From 2001 to 2008 he was an artist on the Dutch label Gesture Music under the name of P.A. Groove. (for releases see and made remixes for Misja Helsloot, LNQ and Özgür Can. After Gesture did no longer exist he was again an independent artist.
Blurred Vision is the other project of Jeroen. Under this name he produced mainly Drum&Base between 2000 and 2006. This is also the project name for his more experimental projects.
Currently Jeroen is an independent artist who is having fun at making all kind of electronic music.


  • Crazy idea: artificial planet ring (2011-4)
  • P.A. Groove's original Povray Planets was quite incredible! It combined planetary textures with descriptions, special stations, music & liners, to provide a seamless experience grafted onto the Vanilla game. Sadly as time went on and the game code changed, it was all broken up. Only Famous Planets - and some of his work on the Rough Guide remains as his. His liners were swallowed up into Liners, his stations ended up in Stations for Extra Planets, his music has gone. Sad...

There is something about our Oolite dark-sider musicians. Have a look at the work of Gsagostinho - especially his HUDs.



    "personalities-pagroove" = {
        insurance = 685; 
        name = "P.A. Groove"; 
        "random_seed" = "0 0 0 0 0 0"; 
        "short_description" = "a Humanoid enhanched cyborg";