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Started playing Elite 2: Frontier in 1993. Every couple of years I dug it out and played it for a few weeks. Didn't play FFE until 1999 or so, and then never really warmed up to it -- I did like the increase Hyperspace ranges, but I couldn't stand the terrible console and annoying BMP backgrounds. Whenever I tried, I ended up with E2F again.

Now I'm playing FFE with fresh vigour thanks to the awesome GLFFE. =)

Only ever tried Elite once and could not stand it.

Frontier play style: usually I do milkruns until I have enough cash to buy and equip the ship of my choice. Although I like to experiment with ship types, I've always ended up with the mother of all fighters, the Asp Explorer. Then I fly in rim systems, hauling cargo and/or doing missions that promise some opposition. In E2F I also tried assassination missions but these were buggy too often.